Smart Logistics

Smart Logistics

Qsistemi provides the “turnkey” solution for selling products online.
We offer companies a complete solution for the outsourced management of all activities related to electronic commerce. From the development of the strategic plan to the creation and implementation of the Shop, it also takes care of the complete management of all your e-commerce: from the warehouse to deliveries, from payments to customer care

We have a high-profile and 100% customizable eCommerce platform, supported by a team of experts who will help you in choosing the contents and modulating the right proposals.


We take care of all the logistics management on your behalf. Based on an accurate assessment, we prepare the most appropriate systems to arrive at the definition of the entire logistics process.


With a view to full-service, we also include a contact center service for your customers in order to provide assistance, in multi-channel web, email, fax, SMS, telephone mode.

Relying on a specialized operator like Qsistemi is often an important step for a company that wants to optimize its business.

Immediately On-Line without waiting

One of the keys to success in the eCommerce market is to arrive earlier and better than your competitors. Qsistemi is among the fastest on the market: commissioning and customization times reduced to a minimum.

Your Brand at the center

Qsistemi maintains the identity of your brand: even if the e-commerce platform is already defined, you can customize it in a complete and exclusive way. We support you while leaving you freedom of final choice in every aspect.

Low investments

Having site management, logistics and the Call Center under control offers prompt and immediate answers to any consumer request. From sale to delivery, from assistance to after-sales, your customer will always have the perception of excellence, without uncertainty.

Integrated logistics

Qsistemi allows you to have a high-profile eCommerce platform and customize it flanked by a team of experts who help you in the choice of contents and in modulating the right proposals.


  • E-commerce solution optimized for all devices;
  • Payment management via integrated Virtual POS;
  • Product logistics and storage service;
  • 24/7 Customer Support and much more …