We guarantee an excellent service, one of a kind in the world

We carry out activities in the field of Information Technology and high-level OutSourcing, using mainly Open Source technologies and software.


We guarantee an excellent service, one of a kind in the world!


Affordable, affordable solutions for any professional or company.


We help companies and startups through innovation programs.

The use of Open Source software reduces the cost of purchasing licenses to zero, allowing you to invest in training and customization.

The mission is to provide a reliable and professional service, which meets the needs of the customer, thanks to our great specialization in numerous sectors.

We are in favor of open standards and for this reason we work every day to create simple, innovative and quality services.

We believe in people, we continually invest in the competence and growth of our resources, as well as the development of new technologies, to offer you the best possible service every day.

L’Internet of Things (IoT)

Healthcare sector:
The Internet of Things can provide a better way to care for the elderly and has enormous potential to cope with rising costs of care. The devices can help track vital and cardiac performance, monitor glucose and other body systems, as well as activity and sleep levels.

Agriculture sector:
Thanks to the simple positioning of specific sensors and without the need to create expensive infrastructures, an innovative control network is created, transferring data and information to the Cloud, ensuring an effective tool for monitoring consumption, conserving water resources and environmental monitoring.

Safety & Reliability

Safety and reliability are fundamental requisites for improving competitiveness.

Specialized Support

Specialized support for the implementation or maintenance of complex infrastructures.

Systems & Solutions

We transform the needs of the company business into customized solutions and systems.

Working in Qsistemi means sharing a dynamic, brilliant and international environment, where everyone’s contribution, experiences and skills help to create a constantly evolving work environment.

Being part of our team allows you to work in a cutting-edge environment in every area of business and organization.

Motivation, passion and positive vision, competence and creativity, the ability to integrate and collaborate with colleagues.

Transparency of the work, sharing of projects and results, training and the possibility of accelerating one’s professional growth, convinced that the level of competence of our team is our most precious asset.

In Qsistemi we believe that diversity is a value and for this reason we support and encourage it in creating our teams, convinced that the best ideas are born and develop from the comparison between different points of view, cultures, backgrounds. We develop the talent and skills of women and men working within the company to the maximum, also through the recognition of gender, personal and cultural differences and through the effective protection of equal opportunities for all.

We have colleagues of 5 different nationalities, with about 56% women and 44% men.