PBX Cloud

Cloud Switchboard for Professionals and Companies

The Cloud Switchboard has unique features that make it indispensable for companies projected into the future.

The era of expensive telephone exchanges ends definitively with PBX Cloud which combines the power of VoIP with the potential of remote services in the Cloud.


  • It manages from 3 to 3000 users;
  • A single Cloud Switchboard is enough for all your branches or branch offices;
  • It is completely online;
  • Feature updates are automatic;
  • The features and functions are modular and modular at will;
  • It is monitored H24 7/7;
  • Remote assistance is provided directly by Qsistemi Italia;
  • It can be integrated with existing switchboards through gateways for ISDN lines and for analogue lines that transform your old lines coming out of the switchboard into VoIP lines. (professional data lines can also be provided by us).


  • Each function is programmable and customizable to meet the production and privacy needs of both the caller and the recipient;
  • Missed call recovery: If you have a toll-free number for sales, this is an invaluable feature;
  • Multi-level automatic answering machine (IVR): welcomes and accompanies callers to the desired extension;
  • Voice Mail: receive voice messages in your email (function to be requested when activating the service);
  • Call Filter: allows you to set rules for accepting incoming or outgoing calls;
  • Smartphone integration: turn your mobile into a cordless phone;
  • Day / night / holidays mode: different operating modes at different times of the day;
  • Voice Announcements: customizable with the voices that best represent you;
  • Call Waiting: Intelligent management of calls waiting to be answered;
  • Call transfers: manual or automatic as needed;
  • Teleconference: simultaneous calls between multiple users.


  • Control Panel is online and allows the customer to manage some of the system functions;
  • Reporting allows you to have statistics on the use and / or abuse of active lines and services.


  • VoIP phones in SIP standard;
  • VoIP devices can also be supplied by us preconfigured (Plug & Play);
  • Professional connectivity, ADSL or HDSL, with guaranteed bandwidth of 25Kbit for each call in progress and in any case, a line with the management of QoS (Quality of Service).