SecurDATA collaborative platform

Designed for detective agencies, it adopts an innovative system with native end-to-end encryption.
No administrator, hacker, or government can access the data you store because hacking would take a lifetime.

The system uses “end-to-end encryption” to ensure the security of the uploaded data. The data is encrypted before it leaves your device and remains fully encrypted until it reaches the recipient.

Only the agency has the keys to access the management system.

All the data inside it cannot be decrypted even in the cloud.

No one else has the decryption key, not even our company’s service administrators.

The web application that can be used from any devices (PC, Tablet and Smartphone) and on any operating system (Microsoft, MacOS, Linux, Android) using the Chrome web browser with an appropriate cryptographic key, allows you to create more practices for each customer by attaching any type of material.

The software focuses on the registry files of customers and agency operators, on the archive of service requests and on the price list of possible activities.

The request archive contains:

  • the customer and any contact person;
  • the expiration of the service;
  • the type and subject of the request.

All activities are managed:

  • the planning of the works;
  • the real investigation;
  • petty operations and support for essential activities.

In particular, regarding investigation activities and those relating to customer relations (interviews, work planning, etc.).

All the activities recorded are also valued, based on the price list, thus facilitating the electronic invoicing and accounting work.



  • Authorized operators database;
  • Names and contacts;
  • Appointments;
  • Activities.


  • Issue of detailed estimates, with automatic transformation into Orders;
  • Description of articles and services customizable in each quote;
  • Discount items;
  • Registration of the operator who managed the quote;
  • Historical archive of estimates, with detailed research and statistics.


  • Registration and issuance of customer orders;
  • Customizable item and performance descriptions;
  • Definition and storage of customized discounts for the customer;
  • Notes recording;
  • Historical order archive;
  • Memorization of the operator who managed the customer.


  • Customizable VAT rates table;
  • Articles registry and performance list;
  • Item description and performance customizable in each document;
  • Customizable price in each document;
  • Customizable VAT rate for each item in each document;
  • Item discount and customizable service in each document;
  • Historical invoices issued;
  • Register of dispatches of the electronic invoice to the Exchange System.


  • Owner details;
  • Deadlines calendar;
  • Payment management;


  • Detailed management of each client’s practices;
  • Recording of the various performances performed customizable in each document;
  • Customizable price in each document;
  • Customizable performance discount in each document;
  • Closing of practices with registration in history, statistics and search engine;
  • Management of attachments (pdf, photos, etc …) of each case.