Virtual POS

Virtual POS

The Virtual POS gives the merchant the possibility to avoid payment on delivery and the related complications in cash management.

The solution to better manage the receipts of online sales is the Virtual POS

In order to increase transparency and security, recent regulations will make it mandatory to have a POS for all types of paid services.

We offer integration with the main virtual POS, developed entirely by us, fully customizable and integrable, as well as with our ERP and CRM, with any other cloud or non-cloud application in your possession.

Our solution is suitable for any business, merchant, professional and tour operator to accept credit and debit card payments without having to swipe the card in a physical medium, as in traditional POS.

Just compose and share a web link like this: so that your customers can pay comfortably from any device: a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.

The advantages? No applications to download and no hardware to use.