Service Charter

Qsistemi Italia adopts this Service Charter in line with the principles established by the general directive (Resolution 179/03 / CSP) on quality and cards of telecommunications services and by specific directives for fixed voice telephony services (Resolution 254/04 / CSP) and access to the Internet from a fixed location (Resolution 131/06 / CSP).

Qsistemi Itali periodically updates the Charter in the light of changes relating to the methods of offering services to the Customer and legislative and technical changes in the sector, informing the Telecommunications Guarantee Authority in advance at least 30 days in advance of the date of application. The updated Charter is adequately disclosed in electronic format on the website

The Service Charter defines the company’s commitments towards customers and their rights in relation to the provision of the contractually envisaged services. Through this document Qsistemi Italia undertakes:

  • to work to obtain a continuous improvement of its quality standards;
  • to simplify, strengthen and make their relationship with the customer more transparent.
In detail
  • Service card
    Fundamental principles, quality parameters and customer protection
  • Quality indicators
    The quality reports of the last semesters
  • Quality Internet Access Service
  • Tariff transparency
    Information prospectuses, in compliance with resolution 96/07 / CONS:

    • Offers that can be subscribed
    • Offers no longer available for subscription
    • General conditions

This Service Charter, without prejudice to the specific provisions set out in the contracts, is binding for Qsistemi Italia towards the Customers and constitutes the point of reference in relations with them.